Company Presentation

The Company

A NB Klima is a company specialized in Design, Installation and Maintenance solutions within the framework of special technical facilities:
• Systems Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), designed to create human comfort conditions, Quality Process Control (IAQ) and pollution control in all kinds of places;
• Solar Thermal Systems;
• Hydraulic systems;
• Electrical installations in buildings;
• ITED communications facilities;
• Installing electronic security systems in buildings (SADI, SAIR, SADCO, CCTV, SACA, etc.);

In order to satisfy more and more of our customers’ needs, NB Klima devotes special attention to the Technical Assistance service, to allow the optimized operation of HVAC systems and achieve the intended objectives of environmental comfort, indoor air quality and energy efficiency. Betting always on customer satisfaction, quality of service and continuing training of its technical and management team, the company has been gradually increasing its know-how and reputation, growing year after year, both in structure and in turnover. We strive to be recognized as a reference in our market.

Built on the ideals of dedication, resilience, reliability and innovation, NB Klima is committed to the highest standards of integrity and business ethics, founding its activity on permanent promotion of trust with all its partners are these suppliers, customers or other entities. With a position in the increasingly consolidated market, future prospects are the search for new business opportunities, always with a growth sustained posture, maximum quality and accuracy in the execution of services. The future is, essentially, by continued growth in the domestic market and the focus on internationalization, consolidating its presence in countries where we operate and studying to enter other countries that we consider of high potential.

O Our goal is to securely increase the volume of business to each customer, through strong relationships of trust and creativity in the integrated offer of services with the best value for money in the sector of special facilities in buildings.

The Team

NB Klima has an extensive specialized technical team with expertise in all areas of technical installations in which it operates, particularly in the Project Implementation and Maintenance.

NB Klima has been following a policy in which the investment in the professional development of all his team, which is regarded as a key factor to achieving standards of excellence in work processes and the development of a spirit of continuous innovation.

In this sense, part of the strategic guidelines the constant promotion of the company’s technical qualification of its human resources and encouraging regular attendance at training or providing participation in innovative technologies presentation of seminars, new equipment and solutions for the sector the activity in which it operates.

We have a very dynamic team in the company in its material and intangible skills, the result of proportionate stability and opportunities for internal growth.

The commitment to activities related to Electrical Installations, Telecomunications and Security, as well as the respective increments of internal competencies, have had a positive effect on the market.

Geographical Areas

Betting on continued growth in the domestic market and expand the geographical area of intervention under the area of activity in which the company operates, are central points of the strategy the company’s growth. Thus, in addition to growth activity in the domestic market, NB Klima sees foreign markets as their main route to growth and development.

The internationalization strategy of NB Klima, based on three main pillars, namely:
• Social and political stability;
• Rates of sustained economic growth;
• Low economic sector target saturation operate;

As a company dedicated to engineering services intend internacionalizarmo us to markets in which our knowledge technical experience and are one added value for the end customer. Our way of management, experience and technical knowledge aim to be a differentiating factor enhancing our brand and therefore our business.


Featured Works

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