2021 & Forecast 2023

Over the past few years, NB Klima has seen an increase in its volume of turnover, based on a solid and sustained growth. This sustained growth has reflected the loyalty of existing customers and also winning new customers. A development that reflects a solid name in the construction market, as well as professionalism, organization and efficiency of the entire team, which always focus on quality of service and customer satisfaction.

The company’s financial condition and the results presented are proud of factors that demonstrate ability to implement new solutions and effective management strategies. In all the markets where it operates, NB Klima has a complete and differentiated vision of value creation, which puts into practice through the provision of services based on three fundamental pillars: design, implementation and maintenance of the facilities.

We work with simple and clear objectives, which set the expected results for each team. Each employee has a personal mission, the purpose of their work, their contribution to the maintenance, sustainability and growth of the company.

Covid-19's current business environment is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Strengthening public investment in infrastructure will have an impact on the economic activity of different markets.

The increasing incorporation of innovative technologies into special facilities is driving the growth of the sector, and the company's strategy is to follow this trend.



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